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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

In a few weeks it’s Valentine’s Day and we are here to help you prove your romantic side to your partner, your friends or your family. And yes Valentine’s Day is not a holiday only for lovers, it's the moment we share and spread our love for all our loved ones. That's why Galentine's Day, though not officially recognized, has become popular. Everyone deserves to receive proof of love so as not to feel left out at the lovers day (as some like to call it).

This year there is no way to show up with flowers or chocolates! To make your gift special and meaningful, you need to choose something that is significant, sentimental and personal. A piece of jewelry is the most significant gift you can offer to someone. Even more so if it is personalized.

This guide will be your best friend in choosing the perfect item for the person you want to give it to.

If you have run out of gift ideas because you have known the person for years or you don't know the person very well yet but you are sure to find a gift that will please, this is where you will find it.

Classic but classy Valentine’s Day gift :

If you want to offer something that breathes love and romance, the Outlined Heart collection is perfect for you. This collection offers a breathtaking brightness thanks to its ethically sourced diamonds surrounding the heart plate. All this collection is classy, elegant and even if there is a heart it is not too much. The necklace is a stunning piece that can be admired, and it can also be customized with two initials added to the center of the heart. Similarly, the collection includes a ring and a bracelet that complement each other.

Unbreakable links :

Love is a language that doesn't always require words, and what better way to show your adoration and loyalty for someone than to present them with your heart?

This String of Love collection is the ultimate representation of an unbreakable bond and the strong links with our Italian Cotton String and will indeed prove your dedication to your significant other.

There are 3 types of hearts, all as elegant and minimalist as the others. The first piece is the Gold Heart SOL plate, set with an ethically sourced diamond. Then we can offer you the Diamond Outline Heart SOL, a sparkling piece that is as meaningful as it is elegant. It can be worn as a symbol of love or as an everyday reminder that you are loved. If you're searching for the perfect gift to remind them that you'll always be together, forever connected by a String of Love, the Paved Diamond Heart SOL is the ideal choice.

Personalized gift :

A personalized gift is the most significant gift you can give. It is a way to give a unique and emotionally meaningful gift.  At Magal, we offer many customizations, from the color of the string to the detail of the initials or the choice of the stones. For Valentine’s Day we have a large selection of personalized gifts but for this guide, we have selected the most relevant ones to spread the love. There’s nothing like a gorgeous piece of jewelry that’s customized just for you.

The Verti Necklace is a great choice for a woman if you want to give her a glamorous and minimalistic piece of jewelry. It is composed of a diamond that separates the initials. Whether it is your partner, your best friend, your sister, these two initials linked by a diamond represent the wonderful relationship you had.  For a family, you can even add a third initial for your child, for example.

The Cooper bracelet is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for men. It's not too large and it symbolizes the important bond between people through the link and the String of Love. This bracelet is a timeless reminder of your loved ones.

In the jewelry world, we have an item defined as a Masterpiece, which is the representation of luxury itself. It’s the “Fabergé Egg” and it was created for the Easter holidays where it was offered by the husband to his wife.  We wanted to represent this item of love through unique and customizable jewelry. The Fabergé collection is made up of one necklace for women and one for men. You can add personalized initials separated by a line of ethically sourced diamonds. These are pieces so adorable, you’ll never want to take it off.

Memories gifts :

Wearing an important date, sign, letter, or name on yourself will help you never forget it. A beautiful and meaningful gift is to give your partner or yourself a piece of jewelry with the date of your first date or wedding. The Memories Signet Ring is the ideal gift that combines your initials and a date, making it both trendy and significant. The Birthdate Diamond Ring is another valuable piece of jewelry, where you can have your date set with an ethically sourced diamond in the center. It's perfect for marking the most important day in your life. Valentine's Day is also a time to bring the wedding back into focus. Jewelry with dates is a good start, but the Unity Bangle is the ideal post-wedding gift. It's simple on the outside, but has the union of your names on the inside. It can be worn by both men and woman.

There is no wrong time to give a gift that represents your love for your loved ones. This guide is here to help you find the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, but it is also useful for giving gifts throughout the year. Remember, Valentine's Day is not just for couples, it's a day to show love to everyone important in your life, including yourself, family and friends.


Magal Team

Chona Szermanski
Published on January 17, 2023


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