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The String of Love Collection

The String of Love Collection has a story of its own. It all started with a quest to create a fine jewelry piece that embodied timeless elegance while incorporating ethically sourced diamonds. This led to the discovery of the highest quality waxed string in Italy that was strong enough to withstand daily wear. After hours of experimentation and sustainable manufacturing, the String of Love Collection was born.
Magal's aim was to create an ethical and sustainable product that represented their values and ethics. They sought to democratize diamonds so that anyone could own a quality diamond at a reasonable price. The String of Love is a sophisticated piece that combines elegance with ethical practices, including the use of recycled materials and compliance with the Kimberley Process.

The String of Love bracelet has been a bestseller since its launch and is popular among both men and women. To make it even more accessible, Magal offers a complete collection in various shapes and colors, including customization options. Some String of Love bracelets feature birthstones, initials, and names while others have gemstones and pearls for a luxurious touch.

The String of Love Collection is a piece of history and sharing that can be worn and shared with loved ones. The choice of string is also thoughtfully made to represent the link between the wearer and the person or memory they cherish. It is a perfect piece of jewelry to share with friends or family as a gift, for instance, during Christmas stockings.

If you're looking to share our String of Love collection with your loved ones, here's a small selection of our favorites. Of course, there's The Classic String Of Love, which is elegant, fine, and unisex - perfect for anyone. If you're a mother, we have the perfect bracelets for you to keep your connection with your children, such as The Birthstones Bar Bracelet or the Engravable Links of Love. By the way, our collection is also for dads who are concerned with this connection like moms with their children. We have the Forever Engravable Links Bracelet or the Cooper Bracelet. For those interested in stones and astrology, we have the Diamond Zodiac Signs String Of Love selection and the Bead String of Love collection.

Chona Szermanski
Published on March 13, 2023


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