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The Story of Our New Logo

The new MAGAL is here. We’ve debuted a repolished website, elevated packaging, and perhaps most noticeable of all, a newly minted logo. The fresh, minimalist design was chosen for a few reasons. The most obvious is the style’s associations with elegance and luxury. However, there is more to this redesign than you may expect.

The design may reflect our brands focus on luxury but it also reflects, perhaps more specifically, the style of our jewelry. Peruse our site and you’ll notice a common thread, all of our pieces share a minimalist style. We wanted our logo to better represent our creations and so stripping the logo of all flourishes, opting for clean lines and a smooth, spacious finish, was the best way to introduce ourselves and our designs.

We were also drawn to the timelessness of minimalist design. The underlying tenets minimalism haven’t changed much over the years and so, while it feels undeniably modern, it also has a timelessness about it that we felt was perfect for reflecting the timelessness we strive to create with our jewelry.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we wanted to distinguish ourselves while retaining our accessibility to anyone and everyone. A minimalist design allowed us to create a striking, luxury-infused image while appearing immediately familiar and friendly to those who may be meeting us for the first time.

It’s more than just a new font, it’s a representation of who we are as a company, the designs we strive to share with the world, the timelessness of our pieces as well as the values that drive their design; love, connection, and personal empowerment.

Published on October 3, 2022


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