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The meaning behind the Mini Me

The meaning behind the Mini Me :

Currently there are so many jewels available on the market but still we are looking for the one that could have a significance for us. Since we were little, we have been accumulating jewelry that was a gift from our friends, our families or even ourselves. Generation after generation, jewelry is passing for the intention of sharing and symbolizing the love that we have for each other.

A mother's devotion to everything related to her children

At school, children’s always do manual activities that they offer to the parents at the end of the day, for example the “Macaroni necklace”. For a mother, it’s so important to keep these memories and to feel like she has her children with her at all times. Even when they grow up and create their own family. Children are forever engraved in a parent's head and heart, but having a physical object like a symbol.

The Mini Me collection

To create a piece of jewelry that is so important and symbolic for a mother to wear, Magal decided to create a collection dedicated to the honor of the love a mother has for her children. The Mini Me collection stands out from the classic gifts linking a child to his mother by offering small silhouettes each representing a child in a minimalist and classy way. As we say : this precious piece celebrates the special moments in life that are worth cherishing. You have control over the entire product to best represent your loved family.

We have different versions of the Mini Me for all types of style. The collection starts with the Mini Me Necklace, a classic chain with cubic zirconia charms. Recently we added the Mini Me Birthstone Necklace, where the cubic zirconia is replaced by birthstone. This edition allows even more personalization of this necklace and to link it even more to his family.

If you are more of a bracelet than a necklace, we offer the Mini Me Links Bracelet. This one is more representative of the link between all the children. Each pendant is related to a links chain. We also have the Mini Me Cord Bracelet, something lighter and with a charm to hang along the cord.

This holiday season, give the most loving and emotional gift for a mother.

Chona Szermanski
Published on December 6, 2022


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