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The Meaning Behind The Beads Collection

Jewelry had several different meanings in the past. It symbolized wealth, power, status, tradition, and culture. Even though times have changed, there is still a good amount of truth to this. In contrast to its previous social significance, jewelry has since developed into a genuine form of art, spirituality, and self expression.

Red Magnesite String Of Love

In these modern times, jewelry has the power to reveal the emotional state someone is in as well as portray their own thoughts about what they aspire to be in life. It can also bring out the best in one’s personality and spirituality. It can make one feel beautiful, unique, confident, and at peace with one’s self. All it takes is the right piece, worn by the right individual to the right occasion.

Black Onyx String Of Love Off White Beads String of Love

The Beads Collection

When we started thinking about how we could reinvent our best-seller without changing what we already love about it, we decided that we wanted to make it even more meaningful. Each of our glass bead bracelets holds a different meaning, and each color represents different energy. From our Red Magnesite String of Love to our Turquoise Jasper, we believe our bracelets have the power to express what’s in your soul and project positivity from within you.

Dyed Brown Beads String Of Love
Dyed Blue Beads String Of Love

Every bead color symbolizes an emotion or a certain feeling. Turquoise Jasper, for example, signifies wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune, and hope, while Red Magnesite promotes love and passion.

Red Magnesite String Of Love

Turquoise Jasper String Of Love

Our glass-bead bracelet is one-of-a-kind. Each bead comes with its unique imperfections and quirks. In addition to these beautiful beads, this new String of Love features a magnificent ethically sourced diamond in 14k gold bezel and waxed Italian string to match the bead’s color. You can truly feel the love and care poured into each piece whenever it touches your skin.

The Beads Collection String of Love is more than just an ornament; it is an expression of one’s self, imbued with personality and alive with meaning.

Dyed Beige Beads String Of Love Dyed Green Malachite Beads String of Love

We work on ethical, conflict-free, and sustainable materials for each original design. Beads are hand picked for their unique sparkle and hue. Every aspect of this bracelet’s design and craftsmanship has been carefully considered, resulting in jewelry that will last a lifetime.

Express your genuine and unique soul in a world full of endless wonder.

Written by Daniel Sivan
Published on October 31, 2021


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