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Recycled Gold 101

Outdated methods for extracting gold from the earth has a large, negative impact on the environment. Providing high-quality pieces that can last through time is an integral part of our mission towards a more sustainable future; however, we know there’s another option besides unethical mining practices. The answer? recycled gold!

What is recycled gold?

Recycled gold is what it sounds like - gold that has come from pre-consumer or post-consumer sources. This gold is then melted and purified before being turned into new, beautiful designs

Where does recycled gold come from?

Recycled Gold is obtained from various sources such as discarded jewelry, waste, and even old computer pieces. Contrasting conventional gold mining techniques which can harm our environment due to how invasively they are collected, recycled gold does no damage to Mother Earth,

So could you say that recycled gold is more ethical?

When it comes to gold, recycled gold is usually considered more ethical because it isn't extracted from earth - which could destroy wildlife habitats or sources of clean water. Regularly mined gold can be obtained by unethical means such as unsafe working conditions and child labor. Recycled gold is made from products that already exist to be sure that we don’t cause any additional harm to the world.

Does recycled gold compromise the quality of the product?

No, there is no visible difference between regular 14k gold and 14k recycled gold. Recycled gold upholds the same quality standards as the former, and can be treated and worn just as one would wear their precious metals.

The bottom line

We use only recycled gold jewelry because it's naturally renewable, which means we can reuse, repurpose and recycle it time and time again without ever having to worry about its value diminishing overtime. This way we're able to provide you with ethical, high-quality pieces of jewelry that don't go against what we care about most - mother earth.

Still have some questions?

Feel free to reach out ❤️

Metav Djemal
Published on October 26, 2022


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