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Magal Rebranding - Letter from our founder

Dear Magal Customers,

In just a few days, we will be celebrating 4 whole years with each other which gives us the perfect opportunity to share some big announcements.

Looking back, it has been an incredible ride but we can't wait to show you what's coming next. With that being said, I’m very excited to announce the launch of the rebranded MAGAL and the debut of a brand new site!

First and foremost, we wanted to better align ourselves with our core value of sustainability by emphasizing our efforts to nurture the environment. To demonstrate our commitment, we have implemented eco-friendly practices in our production process by using 14k recycled gold and ethically sourced gemstones. As a core part of our DNA, we hope to lead Magal, and you, down a path towards cultivating environmental health for years to come.

Next, we decided to revamp our packaging to be better and reusable so you can gift the ones you love with a more elevated gifting experience. Apart from elevating the design and materials, our new colors were intentionally chosen to reflect our intentions for a better, more luxurious Magal.

One of the many things that led us to choose Green as one of our main colors, was because it signifies what we're all about: staying true to Mother Nature and supporting a sustainable process. To go along with that comes a new color, red which symbolizes our love for what we do, as well as our appreciation for YOU and keeping the roots of where we’ve started from, the Red String of Love.

Last but certainly not least, our website has been given a facelift to give you a much smoother, faster and more user-friendly experience than before. With newly organized categories, enhanced products with exciting features and up-to-date pictures of all available items, you will be able to easily find the gift of your dreams, for you, yourself and everyone else.

While our look may have changed, the values which bind us together haven't, as does the quality we aspire to bring to you.

We hope you enjoy our new look and are as excited as we are for the next era of MAGAL and all the beauty it will bring.


Galith Saada, Founder of MAGAL

Galith Saada
Published on October 2, 2022


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