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Christmas Gift Guide

In November – only halfway through the month - many people are already feeling the pressure of getting presents for Christmas. But what if instead of spending hours searching desperately for the perfect gift, you hopped onto a website and found everything you were looking for? With an extensive offering of customizable jewelry, with diamonds, gemstones and beautiful gold, no one will be left out! With that being said, it’s time to celebrate this holiday season with the MAGAL 2022 Holiday Gift Guide.

Our Beloved Parents

We provide an array of personalized jewelry made just for the head of your precious families. Whether you’re a new parent or parents to many grown children - being able to hold onto the essence of your child in your heart will only strengthen the love you have for them. This is why we deliberately designed an assortment of pieces that allow you to add names, initials and even birthstones or little silhouettes of your beautiful beings which make life worthwhile.

One of our favorite pieces, which is loved by many, is the Mini Me Necklace. This stylish accessory can make the perfect gift for any mother or soon-to-be mother who appreciates a simplistic and sentimental piece that now comes with additional options such as precious birthstones to add an even more personalized touch. And don't think that we've forgotten all of you dedicated dads out there! For Dad, opt for a minimalistic yet masculine piece like our Forever Engravable Links Bracelet that provides plenty of space to engrave your most treasured memories - it won't take long before this bracelet becomes one of those things he'll never want to take off.

A Child's Favorite Moment

Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays for kids because they know they'll get a gift. There are plenty of memories made at Christmas - but what about when you receive a sentimental piece of jewelry from a loved one during this special time? I still remember when my dad bought me some precious stones during one of my first Christmas I could remember.

Something special like the The Initial String Of Love bracelet (which comes in a variety of different colors) is adjustable and customized to last through all stages of your child's life without looking out-dated or broken down. Additionally, we also have The Birthstone Bar Bracelet, a colorful and just as versatile piece that can be customized with your precious family's birthstones.

A tip for you parents of teenagers: What is trendy is always appreciated. With Initial Medallions making headlines all year, you just can’t go wrong with our new Initial Round Medallion necklace which has quickly become a Most-Gifted piece from our collection.

Fraternal Love

There isn't always a significant age gap between siblings. They often understand each other very well and share things with one another - even when they don't want to tell mom or dad about it! For Christmas, consider getting her something special that you can both connect over. For example, an Initial Bracelet or Necklace with diamonds for your sister makes an excellent holiday gift because every girl deserves to wear a diamond making this gift extra special - and if she's more into colorful and meaningful birthstones, we've got a version of these best-selling pieces with radiant birthstones! As for brothers? We've got a few pieces he's sure to cherish. The Cooper Bracelet, a minimalistic and sentimental bracelet can be engraved with your names or even an inside joke between you two. And if your brother is more of the beads kind of guy, then our Disc Beads & Forever Links Bracelet is the perfect mix of bold, and personal.

For the person sharing your life

Whether it's your spouse, or someone you love dearly; jewelry that engraves both of your initials together will always link the two of you more intimately. There are many different options to choose from when selecting a present for someone special: The Alpha Block Bracelet might be perfect for him and the Initial Mini DogTag Necklace might make the perfect gift for her. But if you're already married, then this Unity Bangle will always represent all those years spent together.

Chona Szermanski
Published on November 23, 2022


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