One Tree Planted X MAGAL

Our commitment to fostering a healthy ecosystem has led us to the realization that true sustainability is not a matter of one or two actions, but is instead a way of living. That's why, in addition to using recycled materials or ecological packaging, we decided to collaborate with One Tree Planted. Together, we’re building a forest and helping to restore our precious ecosystem!

What is One Tree Planted?

Founded in late 2014, this non-profit has made it its mission to plant trees around the world to promote an environmentally friendly life. In just four short years they have helped over 45 countries plant over 40 million trees. With such a success rate - including work with international partners - they doubled the amount of trees being planted annually from 10 million in 2020 to well over 23M in 2021.

Why do trees matter?

Trees contribute to the health of society in many ways. They purify our air by absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen - which is necessary for sustaining life - while also providing a habitat for insects, birds, mammals, and other organisms. Moreover, trees assist in preventing flooding because they hold back or absorb rainwater; as well as forest fires due to their high fire resistance properties (and ability to regulate temperature). Therefore we should plant more trees because without them society would suffer from problems such as poor air quality, water shortage/drought, extreme weather conditions (flooding/cold waves), loss of biodiversity among other things.

How does our partnership work?

Together with One Tree Planted, we're committed to fighting our environmental impact by promoting greener lifestyles. How do we do this? By planting one tree for every order placed on our site! Our efforts are dedicated to reforestation of the Amazon Forest and Kijabe Forests.

We love partnering with One Tree Planted because we care about our planet. We need to do everything we can to make sure that it remains as pristine and green as possible for future generations to enjoy. Learn more about them at  https://onetreeplanted.org/

Have you heard of other organizations like One Tree Planted? We’d love to learn about them!

Send to: collab@magaljewelry.com

Metav Djemal
Published on November 20, 2022


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